Understanding electricity rates

Guaranteed, regulated, variable ... the jargon associated with electricity rates can be confusing. There are a variety of rate options available in Alberta's electricity market today. It is important to understand the details and benefits of each to truly find a rate that is right for you. Click here to start building your energy plan now.

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Regulated vs. deregulated charges

Did you know that some of the charges you see on your utility bills are regulated by the provincial government and others are deregulated?

Regulated charges are beyond the control of Energy Marketers such as Green Power and will be the same regardless of your electricity provider.

Market participants like Green Power have control over the deregulated charges. That's where we can often save you money compared to other retailers/energy marketers.

Regulated Rate Option (RRO)

If you haven’t shopped around for the best price for your electricity, you most likely have the defaulted Regulated Rate Option (RRO). The RRO is approved by the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) and is a variable rate that changes every month. Many of Alberta consumers receive electricity through RRO providers such as ENMAX, EPCOR, ATCO or Direct Energy. With the RRO, you cannot be refused energy for reasons such as poor credit, but the RRO is not necessarily your cheapest option for electricity.

Green Power can save you money on energy and administration charges

Guaranteed (Price Protected) Rate Plans

  • Do you want certainty about your electric bill for monthly budgeting?
  • Sign-up for a price per kilowatt-hour (kWh) that's guaranteed throughout the term of your agreement (a maximum of five years in Alberta).
  • Protect your price from volatility in Alberta's electricity market as the province goes through a transition to a cleaner electricity grid. Remember, it's free to switch your rate at any time.

Variable (Floating) Rate Plans

  • Are you ok if your monthly bill fluctuates?
  • You will be charged the ever-changing wholesale price plus a 0.67 cent/kWh transaction fee.
  • You'll pay market price, which means you benefit from price drops, but you have to be prepared to weather price spikes. Remember, it's free to switch to one of our fixed price protection rates at any time.

Variable Rate

The variable rate is directly indexed to the cost of power sold into the Alberta grid by Alberta generators. The cost of power changes hourly and is averaged for the month.

The variable (floating) rate is calculated as the cost of energy plus a transaction fee. At Green Power, our transaction fee is 0.67 cents per kWh.

Administration Fees

$5.90 per metered site
(monthly fixed rate)
Customers who consume over 2950 kWh per month will be charged an additional $0.00200/kWh.


Electricity and Natural Gas retailers in Alberta are required to pay a Prudential charge to guarantee payment to the generators for the cost of energy a consumer consumes and to the distribution utilities for delivery charges. Your investment in our prudential account allows us to keep our rates lower and continue to save you money on your electricity bill. The 5% interest per annum is credited to your monthly Green Power bill and the Prudential is fully refundable should you choose to leave Green Power.
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